Meth Lab Testing and Cleanup

With the proliferation of drug manufacturing in neighborhood rental homes, motels, and apartments, it is becoming difficult to feel safe when occupying such a property. Scientists agree that the hazardous residues from “cooking” methamphetamine and other drugs can cause health problems for anyone who subsequently uses the property.

Simple cleaning or painting is not adequate. In fact, most states are now specifying how these properties are to be decontaminated. BioCare has researched these regulations and has developed testing and decontamination procedures that assure property occupants and owners that a property is healthy and safe for occupancy.

Unsure if your property is contaminated? BioCare can perform testing that provides same-day results! If the tests are positive, we can work with you to develop a remediation plan. Our remediation methods are cutting edge due to the research of the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS). NIDS works with manufacturers to evaluate product effectiveness in eliminating various types of contamination. From that research comes BioCare’s rapid and cost-effective process. Multi-property managers especially like our Pre-Need Agreements, which allows them to receive preferential response, discount pricing and minimized property downtime. Call today for details.