Trauma / Accident / Crime Scene Cleanup

SERVICES FOR FAMILIES: BioCare responds quickly to cases of injury or death 24-hours a day. We compassionately, safely and professionally clean and restore each scene to its pre-event state. BioCare believes that helping survivors avoid exposure to traumatic scenes can help eliminate additional emotional stress, reduce the potential for disease exposure and, finally, provide one more memorable act of kindness to those who need it most. That is why communication, discretion and respect is part of every scene we handle. "We're BioCare - Sparing Others a Second Trauma".

CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES: BioCare provides State and Federal regulatory-compliant on-site cleaning, decontamination and restoration of properties that have damage associated with blood and body fluids. From nosebleeds or vomit, to large-scale multi-casualty scenes, using BioCare helps restore normal operations sooner - minimizing unprofitable downtime, reducing worker's compensation claims for disease or psychological trauma, as well as demonstrating your concern for the well-being of your employees, clients and the public.

BILLING: Most scenes are covered by insurance. Because of our fair pricing, billing procedures, and customer satisfaction, we have never been denied a claim. In fact, our work with insurance companies and State Victim Assistance programs has helped to significantly reduce payments from our clients, so affordability is rarely an issue. Our Pre-Need Agreements offer preferential response, discount pricing and more. Call today for details.