Unsanitary or Unhealthy Property

Regardless of the reason a property has become unsanitary or unhealthy, it is important that it be handled by technicians that are proficient in infection control as well as understanding the necessity for discretion. BioCare provides these services when occupants can not care for themselves; have psychological or physical impairments that prevents them from maintaining a healthy environment; collect cats or other animals in large quantity; or in cases where homeless persons occupy abandoned structures.

These properties often contain rotted food, human feces, animal feces, maggots, fungal growth, dead or sick animals, and gross filth. In some cases there is the added risk of used needles, vermin, and disease.

We can clean and sanitize the property, make repairs, catalog and pack-out the salvageable contents, and restore the structure to its previous healthy condition. We commonly work with health departments, codes enforcement, law enforcement, estate attorneys, guardians, and others to quickly and economically restore the property. Our team of BioRecovery Technicians are ready to respond to your property, return it quickly to a healthy state and issue you a certificate of treatment.